1. How do you decide what I will like?

We do not decide what you like, our comprehensive mind mapping designnaire, will help us curate items very close to your desired choices, we will then be able to further refine it to perfection with your inputs.

2. How many times can I ask for revision?

The revisions are based on the service you have chosen, as it is offered , Renew service has 1 revision , Reinvent service has 2 - 3 revisions.

3. What if I do not like what you design?

We will revise the entire concept for you until you are happy.

4.What do the design boards and concepts look like?

Kindly click here to see samples.

5. What are 3D drawing and walkthroughs?

Kindly click here to see samples.

6. What does a layout look like?

Kindly click here to see samples.

7. Can you incorporate the furniture pieces/items I already have?

Yes of course we can , Kindly upload the images in your account and let us know.

8. How do i measure a room?

Please click here to see our comprehensive video guide to make sure you measure your space right.

9. Do you help with getting labour?

No we are an online interior design service , which helps you design the space.

10. What type of images do I need to upload?

We recommend one from each side and a video if you’ d like. Our website currently accepts JPEG, and PNG. files.

11. What is a designnaire?

A designnaire is a comprehensive mind mapping design questionnaire which helps us understand what design elements will work well for you. This in turn helps us design your home in a holistic manner.

12. Do I need to fill the designnaire?

Yes without the details we will not be able to begin work on the project.

13. How does the process work?

It is a very simple process, you sign up to the service , fill up the questionnaire and we will get back to you with designs. These designs can then be refined as per the service plan you have selected. Along the way you will be assigned a design manager who will deal with any queries you may have about the process.

14. Who are the interior designers?

We are a design house with in-house interior designers who work for us. Our designers (team) are from diverse backgrounds which gives us a multi cultural and talented pool of design.

15. How long is the process?

The whole process of design is generally 2-4 weeks depending on the service plan.

16. When do i find out the actual cost of the room?

The actual cost will be ready once you approve the designs. Only then will the designer be able to put together the cost, you can however ask the designer to work backwards realistically. Please check out our Cost-Assigner to see what why and how of Cost.


1. What is the general lead time?

We aim to generally begin work on your project within a week of receiving the request. From that point on it would take 2-4 weeks depending on the service plan.

2. Do you help with getting labour?

No we are an online interior design service , which helps you design the space.

3. How do i get in touch with you?

Email: hello@thehomeid.com Phone: +44 7553255549 (Mon -Fri 9.30 am - 5.30 pm GMT)

4. Can i get refunds?

After the first draft of designs have been sent the order is considered confirmed. You can however ask for the refunds in the first 7 days before we have begun work on the project. We would work tirelessly to ensure you're happy with your end result.

5. How much time would it take on my part?

Once you have been through the Designnaire, which would be roughly take 15- 30 mins , start to finish.You will need to be available for the reviews, you can be as involved in the process or not depending on your availability .

6. Why theHomeID?

Our team at theHomeid are passionate about designing spaces, to make your chosen space functional, beautiful and holistic. Along with the fact we value perfection and professionalism very high in our team. You will vouch for that when you work with us . :)

7. Does the design fee expire?

No. luckily the design fee never expires . You can choose to go ahead with it whenever you're ready.

8. What if I want to upgrade the service.

You can upgrade the service at any point in the process.

9. What is an online interior design service?

It is a virtual design service, where the client and design house works from their respective spaces and deliver the Design Service on an Online Platform.


1. How do I get discounts?

On signing up we will offer you an exclusive discount voucher.

2. Why would you shop for us?

Our ongoing business relationship with the leading furniture houses help our clients avail the best prices when they shop through us . Plus our clients avoid the long phone waiting queue making the whole setting up the house a lot more convenient .

3. Can i suggest which shops i would like to use?

Of course you may, Kindly let that be known on your designnaire or email us with your order number so we can link those shops into your product database.